I’m A Pro-Life Feminist, And It’s Uncomfortable


First of all, before I get dragged across the internet for being anti-woman, let me explain that I’m a feminist. I believe in gender equality. I don’t believe in gender roles. Equal pay for everyone, access to safe and reliable birth control, and busting through the glass ceiling like nobody’s business give me life. End rape culture. End slut-shaming. Stop the perverse disparities and double standards our society teaches of men and women. I want women as CEOs, women as tenured professors, and someday, though I don’t love Hillary, I want to see a woman as President of the United States. Women deserve to be treated with respect across cultures and continents. They ought to be allowed to drive. They ought not to be digitally chopped into pieces for marketing campaigns. Women deserve to not have their bodies exploited. They deserve not to be trafficked. They deserve to be loved…

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