“A good day”

What constitutes a good day for you? I’m not asking what a “perfect” day would be like, I just want to know about days you have in your life already, however rare they may be, that you define as “good”.
I am having a good day today, which is why I’m asking.
I woke up to my phone ringing – a friend asking me to meet her for coffee, and offering to pay for it when I told her I was broke. I dozed for a few hours after that, knowing that I had a “reason” to get up, even if it was just meeting my friend.Thats at 7:30 am
I got to talk to my friend honestly about how my life is going right now, and vent some of my recent frustrations.
I spoke to my best friend on the phone, and arranged to visit her later this week.
Both my cats were in not long after I got home, so I didn’t need to worry about them being out for too long or thinking something might have happened.
I found the motivation to tidy my bedroom for the first time in weeks, and did a better job than I usually do.
I had my classes and so I went then came home as soon it was done .
I checked my email, caught up on 3 different forums I’m a member of, caught up with some of my closest friends on facebook, sent and received several PMs.
Now, it’s almost 8pm, and I’m not tired, so I’m thinking I might wait for a few hours until my money goes into my bank account (usually about 10pm,)and go to the 24 hour supermarket nearby to buy all the food, cat food etc. that I’ll need for the week. I love shopping when the supermarket is almost deserted, and they tend to have a lot of stuff reduced in the early hours of the morning.
I feel good today. My problems haven’t disappeared, I may feel awful tomorrow, but, at least for today, I feel like I can cope. I feel like I am a good and worthwhile person, and that the world would be at least a little worse off without me.

So that’s my good day – what’s yours?


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